5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Any Kind Of Footwear


Being one of the most vital garments for our bodies, shoes can be purchased from a variety of shops both online and offline. And despite the fact that buying a pair of them is certainly not rocket science, finding the best boots that is well suited to your feet, in all aspects, is not often an easy task either. So to help ease the process and ensure you get the right shoes or boots for whatever purposes you intend to use them, Discussed!!!

best work boots

Below Are The Things You Should Know Beforehand


Looks can be misleading.

Having determined for what occasion you’re buying the shoes; whether for working out, for sports, ceremonies or for regular wear, you need to realize that looking at the prevailing trend to determine the style of shoes you’ll buy can be misleading. Instead of trying to force some shoes to fit your feet, purpose to choose those that can perfectly and comfortably fit your feet without hurting your feet, regardless of the fashion trend. In other words, choose comfort rather than style.

On the same note, ensure that the shoes you select are wider than your feet interms of width for maximum comfort. And still on the size, it’s important to be aware of the fact that each person’s feet may not necessarily be the same in their sizes. As such, it’s advisable to use the larger foot to determine the shoe size that you’ll select, at the same time bearing in mind that both feet are still growing as time goes by. Furthermore, ensure that there’s atleast a finger’s width between the end of the shoe and the largest toe for the shoe to be considered well fitting.


The time of buying- another important factor.

Normally, the most recommended time of the day to buy shoes is during the latter hours of the day rather than the morning hours. Unknown to many people, our feet usually swell to some extent throughout the day being the largest in the evening. Therefore, buying your boots in the evening will do you much good in the long run.


The cost of the shoes.

Another factor to put in consideration is that the same type of shoes can be sold at different prices by different sellers. As such, it may be necessary to visit a few outlets to try and compare the prices so as to find one that suits your budget. Additionally, it may be very advantageous if you may strike some seller-customer friendship with a particular buyer for with this, the seller can assist you to find precisely what you’re looking for as he or she considers you a loyal customer.


Determine your arch type.

Other than knowing your shoe size, another aspect of your feet that you need to be aware of is your arch type. Your feet can either have a flat or high arch and this will tell you the type of footwear appropriate for you. And could you find trouble in determining this, the shoe seller might advice.


Prevailing Weather conditions.

It goes without saying that the prevailing climate of a place will certainly determine the type of shoes or boots to wear. For instance, you’ll need ventilated shoes if staying in hot/dry climates whereas in wetter climates, you may need best work boots. However, your boot type should not only be dictated by the weather conditions and the above points but they should also look appealing for that matter.

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Final verdict.

Your feet being the main support system for your entire body require special care, without which your movement and posture would be limited. Therefore, make them happy by putting on the best footwear possible.


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How to Pick the Right Colours

Introduction –

It might look easy, but as a mens stylist, I know more than anyone how hard it is to get just the right look when it comes to choosing mens boots. Even though mens shoe design and shoe wear does not get the same attention that womens wear does it should not be underestimated. A sharp look in mens shoe wear can create a mature look, a savvy look, and a very attractive look for prospective employers, as well as prospective dates in the dating scene. Menswear is nothing like it used to be because now there are many different colour combinations to choose from and it is important to know how to match these well with the latest in mens fashion to create an exceptional and exquisite, GQ standards look for him.

How to Pick the Right Colours

A Man’s Personal Image by Design –

A man’s personal image says a lot about them, and shoes are a part of that image, it is really important that the shoes actually match well or blend well with the entire outfit. This is because in menswear, stylists know that image means everything. Image actually signals strength and power when someone walks into a room. It can also denote intelligence, confidence, control, competence, power, success, wealth, refined intelligence, accomplishment, leadership, sex appeal, hidden rank cues in society, and respect. Image is commanding and shoes make the point as you put your first step in to the room to make your first impressions.

Shoes and Colour and Class –

During the Renaissance period, dark brown, chocolate brown, and shiny black shoes became the cutting edge of power dressing which denoted class, rank, and wealth. This still lingers today as an important symbol commanding respect in many cultures. Clothing, colour, and shoes has deeper meanings in society than we often think of today, but it is still there in subtle cues. For example, the shiny black shoe denotes luxury and exquisite taste.

Shoe Designs and Colour –

Shoe Designs and Colour

 Here are some ideas for matching shoe designs with different colour suits:

  • Black shoes and black suits always are a classic look, but you can also create nice colour combinations with charcoal, brown, and chocolate brown with any dark or grey coloured suit.
  • Navy blue suits can be paired well with black shoes the most. If it is a dark brown it might work, but generally browns might be offsetting with navy blue. Burgundy is a nice colour that depending on the depth of navy blue might work nicely.
  • Grey suits go nicely with black or brown shoes. If you have a white shirt and a necktie it is probably better to wear black, and if you have a more social more casual outing, you can always put on a different coloured shirt with brown or burgundy shoes.
  • Charcoal coloured suits match well with regular black shoes or a nice deep burgundy look. 5. Black suits wear nicely with charcoal, or black shoes. Burgundy shoes also look nice with this colour and you can match it well with your shirt.

Summary –

The most important thing is how you feel in your outfit. Usually you will be able to tell when you look in a full length mirror if there is something a bit off in your outfit. You can always contact or send a selfie to your mens stylist or to a consulting stylist if you need to before you go out. Mens shoes can make a man look debonair and spectacular. Be sure not to downplay their importance in the overall outfit.





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Top 5 Heavy Equipment Safety Tips

Heavy equipment needs a lot of caution as they are dangerous to operate. The modern equipment are equipped with more safety features, but the operator still needs to be alert and cautious when handling them. Most of the equipment used in mining, construction, forestry and most industries are big and dangerous. Most of the operators are aware of the hazards, but more and more incidents that lead serious faculties are still reported to date. It is important to follow the safety rules precautions for working around or with excavators, scrapers, dozers, cranes, loaders, and trucks.

safety tip

The equipment safety tip and rules,We will break down the tips for both the equipment operator and the people who work around it.

Safety rules for equipment operators


Proper training

Ensure that the equipment operators have the correct training when using any machine. The training should include, formal classes, practical and demonstrations. An evaluation of the operator needs to be done before the operator is allowed to use the machine. An operating manual should always be provided for new machines.

Wear appropriate clothing

The operators should wear high visibility clothing and boots (safety footwears) when operating the machine. The workers also need to have protective gear such as hearing protection, eye protection shield, gloves, hard hat and reflective vests when using the equipment.

Conduct equipment inspection

It is also important for the operator to do a frequent inspection to ensure that the equipment is not faulty. Ensure that the equipment parts and accessories are in safe working conditions. Any malfunctioning parts should be repaired before use. It is important to use an inspection sheet so that no part is left out.

Communication on the ground

It is important to also communicate with the people working around you as the operator. Use hand signals or radios and never assume that the people around your know what you are doing. Blind spots are common on the field, but it is important that a clear line of site is created between the operator and the workers to maintain safe movement.

Ensure safety when driving

Always ensure that the seat belts are worn at all times while driving a any machine. Never jump from a moving machine, turn the equipment off before leaving. Vehicles that load from the top must have a shield to protect the operator. Be very cautious when climbing or getting off, and use the three-point contact to avoid falling as this is the number one cause of injury. Always stay alert when handling the heavy machines.


It’s equally important for the people working on the heavy machine to observe safety by:

afety in the workplace

  • Keeping a distant from moving equipment
  • Being alert and never assume the operator can see you
  • Never use equipment that you’re not familiar with
  • Never walk near equipment in motion without informing the operator in case it slides or loads shifts.


Safety precautions need to be observed at all times regardless of the operator’s experience. Working with heavy equipment is not an easy task, and there are various risks every trainer should be well conversant with, in the equipment he/she operates and adhere to the safety equipment rules.


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Top Online Stores For Latest Fashion Stuffs

Get ready to take a look at six top online stores for the latest fashions. Whether you are looking for adults or children to men and women. You will find a great unique variety at these websites. They are the top choices in online stores for fashion. You are sure to enjoy discovering the latest fashion items here time after time.

Taking a Look at amazon.com




Not only has Amazon been ranked the number one most reputable company in the U.S. by the Reputation Institute’s U.S. RepTrack 100 report but it is also a great store for online fashion. The store has a great selection across the board. Let’s take a look at some of the categories you can find the best fashions online using Amazon. These are just a few.

  • Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry/ Women
  • Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry/ Men
  • Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry/ Baby
  • Handmade/ Jewelry
  • Sports & Outdoors/ Athletic Clothing
  • Safety equipment

Discover dannijo.com



With free shipping as well as same day available delivery in New York City Dannijo is another great option find the best in fashion online. This store offers a great selection of ideas along with some unique options. Gift cards, cases, and bridal are just a few of the outstanding sections to discover the next wave in fashion to purchase for any occasion. Here is a closer look at a few of the categories offered to find the best in online fashions.

  •  Jewelry
  • Collections
  • Handbags
  • Bridal
  • Cases

Experience the Latest in Australian Fashion at fashionbunker.com



Not only will you be greeted by a live chat stylist you will enjoy seeing truly unique online fashions. They are always offering a great reason to sign up for their email list. You can score discounts, exclusive updates and more via your email. This great source for online fashion offers several labels and custom selections known as Edits. Have a look at some attractive categories available on this site.

  • Labels/ C/MEO Collective
  • Labels/ Finders Keepers
  • Labels/ Keepsake Intimate
  • The Fifth
  • Jaggar Footwear

Onto the Classic Looks of imogeneandwillie.com



Every wardrobe needs a classic look at some point. You are in luck with this top site in online fashion. Not only will you find the tops in fashion but also interesting things like denim care tips. Check out some of the great options to browse on this classic fashion site.

  • Denim
  • Men
  • Women
  • One of a Kind
  • Feature

Innovation Lives at oki-ni.com



Maybe you are in search of a sporty look. If so this innovative fashion site is just what you have been looking for. This online store is worth the look for a striking new look in your wardrobe. Take a minute to browse these categories of stunning fashion.

  • Y-3 Sport
  • Sunglasses
  • Acne Studios
  • Top Footwear
  • Lifestyle

Clean Collections and Straightforward Style at stevenalan.com



Also offering bonuses and exclusive content for signing up via email you can’t go wrong here. The style season is always fresh at this top online fashion store. If you are looking for a broad selection of clean and straightforward style you have come to the right place. Take a look at a few of these sections on the site and you will be happy you did.

  • New Arrivals
  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • Jewelry
  • Home

There you have the top online fashion stores available. Don’t wait all you need to enjoy the top fashion e-commerce sites is only a few clicks away. Be sure to look now because you don’t want to miss the latest deals and fashion trends.

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